Our elders have taught us that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and that it should never be skipped.

As your real, catering family we make sure that every morning your table is packed with all kinds of foods and groceries – bagels of various sorts, cheese and ham, cerials, yogurt and fruit, juices and of course, tea and coffee. This generous table will make You not wanting to skip breakfast ever again. Gather energy for the long days on the beach and sea activities with the splendour of tastes and aromas brought to You in our restaurant.


Our wide arms and wider smile are waiting for you in our coastal oasis, nestling near the magical blue of the Adriatic Sea and the luxurious offer of Umag where everybody can find their golden fish and fulfill dreams of perfect vacation


Take time for yourself and enjoy the holiday you deserve

Enjoy the specialties, the comfort of our hotel and the beautiful landscape that Istria offers